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Avoid blind spots

NBS-Cam Standard

Wired camera system (regular)

Wired camera system offered in different sizes. Preset kits are offered with a choice of a single or multiple view monitor for managing multiple cameras on the same screen.

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NBS-Cam Wireless

Wireless camera system

The wireless range is recommended for applications where cables are difficult or impossible to install (ex: forklift). The installation is then simplified.

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High-definition camera system (HD)

The high-definition range offers a higher quality image. Indeed, with a resolution of 1080P, NBS HD cameras offer better image definition.

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NBS-Cam radar

Radar detection system

Collision avoidance system to prevent collisions between machinery and objects / pedestrians. It is mainly used on heavy equipment and commercial vehicles. It provides a visual and audible alert to operators to avoid any potential danger.

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NBS-Cam 360°

360° Camera system

NBS panoramic vision system provides clear rear, front and side view of your driving simultaneously. It provides a true surround vision of driving with 1080P HD image. It is specially designed for trucks, buses, heavy vehicles and much more.

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